The first line of the first post from each month of 2009. Done divinely by David. We’ll see how mine goes.

January:  Another new year, and time once again to look at our attitudes and habits.

February: There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground when it comes to speaking in tongues.

March: Now that my Tony has turned into a large, loud, smelly tom cat it’s time to visit the vet.

April: I think faith often starts in childhood.

May: I haven’t forgotten or abandoned you guys, and I’m not really missing, just quiet.

June: When someone says “God” what image comes to mind?

July: I’ve been playing with my new digital camera lately.

August: Reading her ad, she realized the dress had survived the past twelve years better than she had.

September: You big dummy, why didn’t you let us know you were hurting?

October: Sorry it’s been so long. I found this stupid farming game on Face Book… (forgive me, but I am sooooo bored) …well that and dozens of relatives. 

November: This, my brothers and sisters in Christ, is how we make God smile.

December: She was somewhere between thirteen and fifteen years old, and she never used a computer, talked on the phone, or rode in a car.

Hmm, it’s been quite a year.