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I wasted an awful lot of time, last year, reacting to one crisis after another. It’s exhausting emotionally and financially. Most of those situations could have been prevented with a little planning and looking ahead.

1. Budget? Who needs a stinking budget?

I do, of course. It’s time to start managing the money and stop letting it manage me. Sure as God made little green apples, July’s electric bill will be $500. So if I start saving a little toward those big bills now, there may still be tears when it arrives, but paying it won’t cause ulcers.

2. What about when life sneaks up and slaps you in the back of the head?

With a kid in constant trouble and parents in their 70’s, emotional turmoil is something I can count on. Again, planning is the key. Planning my reactions now, to either the kids phone call or bad news about one of our parents, will help me stay clear headed, if and when the time comes.

3. Am I living life or dragging my ass through it?

Trying to live a normal schedule wears me out. So what if I need to sleep from 6:00pm-12:00am, and have energy to burn from then until four in the morning? Working with my body clock instead of against it helps me get more accomplished and feel better doing it. Who decided what normal is when it comes to work and sleep anyway?

4. Lip service or action?

If I say something is important to me, then my actions should show it and that thing should be a priority. Too many times I let all the little chores interfere with the things I really should be doing. It’s not like all the little chores won’t still be there, waiting, once the important things are taken care of.

Tomorrow: Setting Goals