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Broken in three places

Broken in three places


yup, I messed up good, and…




…looks like I’ll be taking some time off work.


Thank God for my wonderful husband, who is caring for me, and bought me a rolling desk chair, so I can get around a bit.


1)   Now this was a real day off! It was the first one in about 3 weeks, and I must have slept sixteen hours of it. My ankles are back to their normal size, and nothing hurts! Makes one feel like a whole new person.


2)   I got an email from my mother tonight. She said my dad dreamed I visited him. For some reason reading it made me feel like I won’t be seeing my dad alive again.



3)   On top of that heartbreaking experience, a friend sent a beautiful poem she’s written. It was exactly the balm my hurting heart needed.


Thank you, dear Friend. (I’d love to put a link here for you, if you don’t mind.)

4)   All of the above has me thinking about relationships, and how they are sometimes toxic, without really meaning to be.


I’ve been removing the toxins from my 3D life (as another dear friend Baron von Rochester calls it) for several years now, and lately have been moving away from toxic 3D relationships, without even realizing it, until the last few days.

You’d think I’d be doing the same thing in my virtual life, but with a few exceptions I seem to have pulled away from those who’ve been the most loving and supportive.

It’s not like anyone’s ever actively ugly. The toxic things you keep around rarely are. It’s more a thoughtlessness. “Don’t ruffle my feathers, while I kick the crap out of everything you care about.” Well that, and a realization the because of my beliefs and political leanings I will, by some people, forever be treated like “The Other Sister”.

Like it or not folks Republican does not equal dumb and morally corrupt any more than Democrat automatically means trusty savior of all things. And quite frankly, Christian no longer means doormat.

As the song says “It’s time to fix what’s been broken too long.”

I’m pretty sure this isn’t it.

8am: Roll out of bed, and pretend four hours was enough sleep. Sit in front of the computer for the next hour with a cup of coffee, trying to get my heart started.

9am: Feed the critters, and decide everyone looks a little moth eaten. Brush three dogs (outside), clip their toenails and wash their faces. Clip two cat’s toenails, then brush one and clip the bird’s toenails.

10am: Shave the other cat.

11:30am: Let the poor traumatized animal go sulk under the bed. Notice I am now wearing more of his fur than he is, and jump in the shower.

12pm: Clean house, vacuum, do dishes, and start a load of laundry.

1pm: Realize fainting has become more than just an interesting possibility, and eat something.

1:30pm: Post a blog to whine about never having a real “day off”.

2pm: Fall across bed for a two-hour nap. 🙂