Karen, if you’re reading this quit. I want to tell you face to face.

Doug and I have been visiting Aurora Baptist Church, where his mom is a member, for a few weeks now, and today we decided to make it our church home.

Aurora is much bigger than anywhere we’ve even visited before, but it has a “large family” feeling to it, and they have had the same Pastor for 27 years. The Sunday School is done in a small group setting, which Doug and I have never done before, and we’re encouraged to “chime in” and share what we’ve learned on our own. (Read: I don’t have to sit on my hands and bite my tongue. 🙂 ) I love, love, love the music! It’s a mixture of the old and new, and just enough of each. There are also more ministries going on there than I’ve been able to count, so far, and they don’t have a problem with women in ministry.

Making it official that we’re leaving Faith breaks my heart, just a little. I poured a lot into that church, but it seems my season there is over, and God is calling me to something new.

I know He knows what He is doing. Just pray I’m up to the challenge.

Yeah, I know you didn’t quit. So call me if you want, or we’ll talk Sunday at lunch. Love you.