…you could get dragged right out of your comfort zone.

My season as song leader, in our little (but growing) church, recently ended. There is a little sadness, because I’ve really enjoyed doing the job, but I’ve always said when someone more qualified came along (It wouldn’t take much.) I would step down gracefully. That someone came along in the form of our Pastor’s son, who just graduated Bible College. He’s a wonderful young man, and we’re lucky to have him. We’ve grown so much that he will also be leading our new Children’s Service!

Do I get to sit back, rest, and enjoy warming a pew for a while? Of course not. J, who will be leading Children’s church, is getting married in five months, which means he will not have a wife to help him, for a while yet. That’s important, because there will be a number of young ladies attending. J’s mother is already busy in the nursery, so guess who was asked to help. It is short-term service, but since I’ll be helping to build the ministry his fiancée will be dropped into in a few months, it needs to be done properly and well. Fortunately, I do have the experience which J lacks.

We’ve also started a new thing on Wednesday nights, with the corny but apt name “Come and dine in 09”. The Pastor and his wife, Doug and I, and anyone else who would like to help, put together an meal each week. (It’s nothing expensive or fancy. This week we made soups.) We have a prayer meeting, and then eat together. It’s been wildly popular, and last week we actually had more on Wednesday night than we did on Sunday morning!

Sadly the food pantry is also very popular. The downward moving economy had been devastating in this area, and people are hurting for the basic necessities of life. Keeping the pantry well stocked, clean and organized has become almost a second job. Right now I’m also trying to find warm coats for a few of the children, and two car seats for the church van. The coats I can just buy, but car seats are expensive. Send up a prayer if you would.

Looks like I should be too busy to be upset. Doesn’t it? Be very careful when you ask God to put His hand on your life. It’s a very powerful hand!