My friend David inspired these, with his own delightful bouquet of fifty-word fiction pieces.




After thirty years and a twelve pack, old guilt caused him to apologize for the wrong thing. He was five years her senior, and she had loved and trusted him. But she wasn’t harmed by their almost indiscretion. It was his abandonment she couldn’t forgive. That had almost destroyed her.



She knew her tears were answer enough. She would do what was best, but not for him. Later, when he told the story, he would lay the blame at her feet. She knows it was the right thing to do, but his question still haunts her.

“Will you support me?”


The First Time

Her legs were shaking as she walked across the platform. “Fraud.” The enemy whispered in her ear. “If they only knew.”

“Shut up.” She growled. “That was the past, but this is my future.” Squaring her shoulders, she stepped up to the pulpit, smiled at the congregation, and began speaking.


Parade Float
Shaking her head, she smiled at the third place ribbon. No time for planning, it all had been done that morning. Had she found what they wanted the night before, the rain would have ruined all their hard work. Quietly she thanked God for pink and blue plastic trash bags.