…words I truly believe will echo throughout hell for all eternity. In my case, and to my eternal shame, it is also the truth.


In our little church there is great love and respect for those who are Jewish and a kindred feeling of support for Israel. Why shouldn’t there be? Our Lord and Savior was Jewish. The founding fathers of our faith were Jewish. Our Holy Bible was written by Jews, and it says And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)


I still have much to learn about the roots of my faith, but am striving for greater understanding. In my studies I have been shocked and horrified to find part of my Christian roots have grown in anti-Semitism. If it had come from anyone but a trusted Christian source I would have been tempted to dismiss it as propaganda. Unfortunately, not only is it true, but also the church seems to have glossed over the truth to the point where most Christians aren’t even aware there is a truth to know.


Never again will I knowingly quote the likes of Martin Luther, John Calvin, or the other early church leaders that carried such a un-Christ-like attitude.


Replacement Theology is apostasy in its purest form. The things done, in our loving God’s name, to His chosen ones are beyond disgusting. Anti-Semitism is wrong, no matter who is perpetuating it for what reason. It’s time for the church to own its past, so we can make sure no synagogue is ever again burned for the “honor of God”, no home is ever destroyed out of “Christian” hate, and our Jewish brothers and sisters never again suffer ethnic cleansing in the name of our Jewish Lord and Savior.


I ask my friends, who are the blood children of Abraham, to forgive this adopted one her ignorance.