1. We went to the recent IRL race, here at TMS, and watched Robbie Knievel jump 21 Hummers (down from 25, due to the wind). He looked a little older and a lot more like a stoner than I expected. But when he proved himself a real class act, the TV audience didn’t even get to see it.


Mr. Knievel hopped off his cart and was making his way gently but firmly through the crowd at the entrance to pit-row, until he notice three men in army uniforms. Stopping everything else, he walked straight up to them, and shook each man’s hand, while thanking him for his service to our country. He also made sure they had the best seats available to watch his jump.

I’m impressed.


2. Went to my family reunion Saturday, and made a fun discovery. One of the nice young women, I work with, is a cousin! It’s very cool to have family so close, even cooler when it’s someone you like!


The one family member, I would have considered incapable of being cold and distant, was very cold and distant. Why is it the more important someone is to you, the less able you are to simply ask what you’ve done to offend or hurt him? 


3. Mr. W and I have both quit smoking during the last few months. I never wanted to be one of those former smokers, who wanted the whole world to conform for my comfort, so I let visiting family smoke in the house, while they were here.


Oh yikes! Did it always smell that horrible?! I love them to pieces, but next year all the smoking will be done outside.


4) Teeny, Tiny Tony is growing so fast. I swear sometimes he’s bigger when I get home from work, than he was when I left! We have to remind ourselves that, though he may not look it, he’s still just a baby.


Of course, then he’ll fall on his face, or take that flying leap that seems to be exclusively a kitten move, and it’s easy to remember.


5) Friday is our 10th wedding anniversary. We’re going fishing Friday night, and to a Foreigner concert Saturday night. It will be the first time ever, that we’re able to do something alone together, for our anniversary.