How do you thank a soldier
Who tries to make the world a safer place,
Longs to see his sweetheart’s face,
Refuses to give up till the war is won,
Misses the first words of his son?

How do you thank a soldier
Who has to leave her own fair land,
Never breaks in enemy hands,
Truly believes in the American way,
Faces death every day?

How do you thank a soldier
Who works through the midnight hours,
Does without “real food” and hot showers,
Far from home sleeps on the ground,
Prays for his friends when no one’s around?

How do you thank a soldier
Who’s grateful for a letter from a stranger,
Bravely walks into danger,
Fights when she’s tired, sore, and hungry,
Gives her life for God and Country?

How do you thank a soldier?
You fly our flag, high and proud,
Say the “Pledge”, right out loud.
Stand for the Anthem and cover your heart.
Let patriotism show in your life and your art.

Remember always why he was lost.
Remember freedom comes at a cost.

Dedicated to the men and women who gave their all.