I’m pretty sure this isn’t it.

8am: Roll out of bed, and pretend four hours was enough sleep. Sit in front of the computer for the next hour with a cup of coffee, trying to get my heart started.

9am: Feed the critters, and decide everyone looks a little moth eaten. Brush three dogs (outside), clip their toenails and wash their faces. Clip two cat’s toenails, then brush one and clip the bird’s toenails.

10am: Shave the other cat.

11:30am: Let the poor traumatized animal go sulk under the bed. Notice I am now wearing more of his fur than he is, and jump in the shower.

12pm: Clean house, vacuum, do dishes, and start a load of laundry.

1pm: Realize fainting has become more than just an interesting possibility, and eat something.

1:30pm: Post a blog to whine about never having a real “day off”.

2pm: Fall across bed for a two-hour nap. 🙂