Like most couples, my husband and I sometimes argue. Some of our best fights happen on Sunday mornings, on our way to church.

M: “Dang!”

H: “What?”

M: “I forgot my music.”

H: “Well, go back in and get it. You’re not going to say I rushed you this morning.”

M: “What’s your problem?”

H: “I told you I wanted to get to church early, and you’re acting like we have all the time in the world.”

M: “Dang! Who locked my car?”

H: “I did. Why?”

M: “Never mind. I’ll manage without it. Why did you lock my car? It’s never locked.”

H: “I don’t know. What’s the big deal?”

M: “Nothing. Forget it.”

H: “Do you want to go back in and get your keys?”

M: “NO! Skip it. We need to go.”

H: “All I asked for was to leave a little early. You always do this. God forbid you should do what I ask for once.”
“Why are you staring out the window like that and not talking to me?”

M: “Because I’m tired, and my feelings are hurt. I don’t want to do this, this morning.”

H: “Oh Lord! You’re always tired. All I ask…”

M: “Okay! I’m sorry. I’m a selfish idiot! I should have been quicker getting ready.”

H: “Here we go again…”

M: “Let me up!”

H: “What?”

M: “You have me down. I’ve apologized. Quit kicking me, and let me up.”

H: *chuckling* “I’ll let you up, if you let me up.”

M: *laughing* “Guess I’ll have to, or we’ll roll around down here all day.”

He leaned over to kiss me, and almost ran us off the road. The disapproving look we got from the older couple passing us caused us both to laugh so hard he almost had to pull over.

M: “There was a time when I could make you run off the road, just by crossing my legs.”

H: “Good thing your skirts got longer, or I’d have killed us both by now. You know I could turn the car around, and we could give Sunday school a miss.”

M: “We can’t do that. What would we tell them?”

H: “Tell them, I wouldn’t let you up.”

Is it any wonder I love him?