1) The “winds of change” caught up to me and I’ve started school again, which explains why I haven’t been around much this past week. It’s a much better situation than my last attempt, but will require some very intense study time.

I will still be around, probably reading more than commenting or writing.

2) What a weird couple of days it’s been. Last night, when leaving work, I had to knock an inch of snow off the passenger side of the car and it was blowing so hard it was difficult to drive through. This morning it was sunny and bright, without a sign of snow, just plenty of mud.

3) The store was insanely busy tonight, so I rode a scanner for a bit. One gentleman had an issue with the f-ing lack of f-ing cashiers, which he expressed quite loudly. It was shocking when my supervisor told him he shouldn’t be using that kind of language in front of the lady preacher, but more shocking when he blushed, apologized, and left.