“Shawn, can I come stay with you and Daddy for a little while?”

“What’s going on, kiddo?”

“Mom and I are fighting, and I just can’t deal with it anymore.”

“Remember what we talked about, last time you where here?”

“Yes, but I really need to get out of here.”

“Sorry, kiddo. You’re the grownup who can deal. Now it’s time to deal.”

At this point she and her mother are yelling at each other again so I hang up.

Twenty minutes later:

“Shawn, Daddy has to come and get me right now!”

“Can’t do it, kiddo.”

“Mom says I have to get out of Papaw’s house tonight!”

“We both work, hon, and we can’t trust you alone here.”

“You’ve given up on me!”

“No, I’ll never do that, babe, but you can’t walk all over people then expect them to drop everything and come running at your beck and call.”

“What am I suppose to do?”

“Straighten your act up, take some responsibility, and build a real life.”

“I’m trying!”

“Kiddo, you haven’t worked in a year, and you’ve lied to us every time you’ve opened your mouth. You’re dating a thirty-four year old, married man, and basically going against everything, you’ve ever said you believed it. That’s not trying.”

“So, because I won’t do everything your way, I can’t live there?”

“No, you can’t live here, because we can’t trust you. You can’t live here, because the rule is work or school, and you’re not willing to do either. You can’t live here, because you have no respect for anything, and destroy things for the heck of it. You can’t live here, because every other word out of your mouth is a lie. But mostly you can’t live here, because we’re not going to kiss your butt and tell you how wonderful you are, when your life is a mess and you couldn’t care less!”

“You f***ing, selfish b***h! That’s my daddy’s house too, and you turned him against me. You will take care of me! You wait! You’ll be sorry, you stupid b***h! …….”

“I love you anyway, kiddo. Bye.”

I hang up on her rant at that point, and save the awful messages that come after, just in case….

Tough love sucks.