Many times, in the last thirteen years, I’ve wondered why he even stayed around, and felt like nothing more than a maid and a paycheck or a full time nanny. Many times I’ve asked myself why he stays with someone who is obviously such a burden and a bother to him. After thirteen years of doubting his love, it happened. I got sick, not earth shattering, about to die sick. I only had the flu.

It was just some little things, a hand on my forehead as I slept, bringing me a glass of juice without being asked, and calling several times a day, just to see how I was doing, little things that showed he cared, and was willing to put himself out a bit for me. Then I began to think about other little things, like the way he always insists I call to let him know I made it to work safely. And didn’t he work 20 hours worth of overtime one week, so we could afford new front tires for my car? How did I miss it for so long?

Little things.