He’s sixteen, and he’s never had a real family. The last time he saw his mother, he was ten, and she told him she had given up her parental rights. At twelve he and his older brother were adopted, but after only a few weeks they returned him to CPS and kept his brother. His brother still visits him, but his one wish is for a family of his own.

He’s a big kid, built like a linebacker, but he’s softhearted and caring. He’d like to play football, but hasn’t been in one foster home long enough. He would also like to have a home with a big dog, maybe a Lab or a Husky.

Guess what we have.

After hearing his story, all my husband and I could do was look at each other and cry. All this sweet, articulate, almost grown boy needs is parents to love him when he fails and cheer for him when he succeeds.

We’re going the 26th to find out what we have to do to adopt him. It’s time he had a real family.

Please keep us and our son in your thoughts and prayers.