Living life without goals is like being on a ship without a rudder. Sure, I can let the tide move me along, but who knows where I’ll finish up and there’s a good chance of shipwreck along the way.

1. Why “set sail” in the first place?

While it’s fine to want to please someone I care about, the most successful goals will be about things that are important to me. It’s difficult enough to stay focused on the things in which I do see the sense.

2. Are my “sails” and my “waters” large enough?

My goals should be reachable, but not easily reachable. I certainly don’t want to wind up giving up in frustration, and I’d like to be proud of reaching my goal, instead of wondering what the big deal was.

3. Do I have a map?

It’s always good to have some idea of how to get from point A to point B. Getting lost is upsetting, frustrating, and apt to lead to abandoning my goal.

4. What about monsters and storms?

Some challenges are foreseeable, and deciding how to deal with those, now, will free me up to deal with the real surprises, when they come. Making a firm commitment to “push through” will keep me from giving up too easily.

5. Is there “booty” at the end of my journey?

There should be a reward for reaching each goal, and the size of the reward should match the difficulty of the reaching the goal and be realistic. Remembering to look for the hidden “treasures” along the way will also help keep me motivated.

Tomorrow: A Spiritual Checkup