1) A conversation, between myself and MP, (Miss Perfect)

MP – “I don’t know how you stand having those big dogs running in and out of your house, tracking in mud. You must have to mop the floor everyday.”

Me – “ Nope, I’ll wait till the back yard dries out. It’s pointless to mop, until it stops raining, they’re just going to keep printing it up.”

MP – “How do you keep you’re carpet so nice, with them tracking across it every time it rains?”

Me – “You know what’s interesting about mud? It turns into dirt, once it dries, and vacuums right up.”

MP – “You must be the most relaxed house keeper I know. I like my house nice and clean at all times.”

Me – “I know. We’re different that way. … Why do you like coming to my house for coffee?”

MP – “I like spending time together, and … I don’t know … it’s comfortable here.”

Me – “Exactly.”

2) In his post, a friend mentioned not being able to recall the emotion of feeling completely safe, which got me thinking. The feeling of complete safety is more than feeling a lack of imminent danger, and rather hard to come by. I can only remember feeling totally safe once in my entire life.

One Saturday, while cleaning the church and getting it ready for Sunday, I decided to scrub the baptistery, which had a large cross hanging above it. It was six feet long, four feet wide, and five feet deep, so I had to get in it to clean it. While on my knees cleaning the floor with this huge cross hanging over me, I got such a feeling of peace and safety. It was a life changing moment. There’s not much that can truly frighten me now, not with power like that to rely on.

3) I finally admitted to myself and to my Savior, that though I love my Pastor, there is a feeling of loss and emptiness now that I’m no longer leading services at my church. Since then I’ve noticed there is a smallish group of Christian folks on-line, who have been using some of my posts to feed their souls and sooth their spirits. I have no idea if that is leading somewhere, but it is kind of cool.