Every inch of the Big Evil Corporate Giant is covered by surveillance cameras. They were originally installed as a shoplifting deterrent but also come in quite handy for keeping an eye on the multitude of employees.

My bosses pulled a tape a couple of days ago, because they thought it would be good to use in a training film about the importance of enthusiasm and merchandising. One of them showed me the clip, because she thought it was terribly funny. The dialogue went something like this.

Customer: Are you aware one of your coworkers is totally insane?

Cashier: The redhead in the back putting together displays?

Customer: That’s the one!

Cashier: No worry, she’s harmless, just really enjoys her job. She talk you into the, um, angel?(The angel in question is dressed like a farmers wife. I’ve dubbed her the “Redneck Angel.)

Customer: She likes it a lot, and it is very cute on the tree back there. (Insert small pause here.) Maybe not so harmless?

Cashier: Maybe not.

I don’t know whether to be proud or insulted!