A friend of mine wrote a post in which he said, “I’ve had messages from people who have wanted to kill me because of my Atheism.” I find that utterly sad, and it really makes me angry.

This friend knows that I’m a born-again believer. He also knows that I care for and respect him, as he is. And I think he knows, if we lived closer to each other, I’d invite him to church, once a year, just on the off chance he’d go.

I’ve known two people, one atheist and one pagan, who’ve had major conversion experiences. Neither of them was converted by rudeness or being beaten over the head. They were both moved by someone who actually practiced the love Jesus Christ taught us, someone who really did “walk their talk”.

The atheist is now the pastor of a wonderful little church, and the pagan is typing this post. That’s right. I was a “witch”. And there were times I knew the “Christian” talking to me would have happily resurrected the practice of burning witches. If you’re someone who has been hurt by one of these “Christians” I’m sorry, because that’s not the way it’s suppose to be.

Christ sat down to meals with hookers, thieves, and liars. And He loved them all. He didn’t hate the lost; His heart broke for them. Any “Christian” who spews hatred toward anyone else is putting themselves above Christ. I would be scared to death to be that person facing our Maker.