1) While in the grocery store yesterday, someone informed me that I had a flat, so I added a can of fix-a-flat to the cart. At the register the sacker grabbed it saying he would take care of it. My first instinct was to tell him I was perfectly able to handle it, but it’s been a long time since a good-looking, young man has offered to do something for me.

2) What do you do when the big, evil, corporate giant offers you an absurd amount of money to do what you love? Say thank you, of course. I started the new job today, and though it was a bit nervous making, and a little weird being on a set schedule, after five years of doing what I wanted when I wanted, it’s also very cool to be gainfully employed again. Naturally, what I’m looking forward to most is not having to worry every month about paying the bills. It will be nice to be in the black again.

3) I love getting the mail. Freebies are my weakness; there’s just something about tiny bottles of things I didn’t have to pay for. Today along with the usual samples came something I do pay for gladly, dark roast coffee. Sitting here sipping my wonderful coffee and nibbling the bitter, dark chocolate I picked up to go with it is about as close to heaven as one can get.