Between services this morning.

Friend- “I miss your Sunday school lessons. Are you ever going to teach again?”

Me- “I’m enjoying warming a pew and learning something, right now. Pastor (not his real name) does a better job of it anyway.”

Friend- “I don’t think he’s really better, just different.”

Me- “When we have enough teen girls, to have a class for them, I’d like to teach it.”

Pastor- (who I didn’t know was listening) “You’d be great at it. The kids already think they can tell you anything, and I’ve noticed they mimic a lot of your actions.”

Friend- “You’re not afraid to talk about the tough stuff either.”

Pastor- “I’ve noticed that too. You handled the chapter on sexual purity very well, and did it in a mixed class.”

Me- “If you get all embarrassed about things the kids will think they can’t talk to you when they really need advice. Either one of you could have done it. All I did was follow the lesson plan.”

Pastor- “I would have skipped it.”

Friend- “Me too.”