I knew this time would come, and have even looked forward to it, so why this feeling of panic and sense of loss?

For almost two years, I’ve been the song leader at my little church, and for six months I filled in as the Pastor. I’m not qualified for either position, and had no problem handing over our little flock when the right man came along. Now he’s growing the church, and I can see my season as song leader ending.

Sooner rather than later, someone qualified for my position will join the church. I will hand it over graciously, then come home and cry, even though I’ve known for years that my true ministry is feeding people, and for those same years I’ve been asking, how can you feed their souls if their bellies are empty?

Now, we have a Pastor as passionate about it as I am, and he’s letting me set up a food bank. (Another job I’m not really qualified for.) It would be difficult to do both jobs, so I’m confused by my attachment to the song leader’s position. It’s not like I’ll never get to sing again, and it will even be easier to sing the songs I really like.

Very odd.