I had a minor disagreement with an online friend, yesterday, who just happens to be gay. While we were having our debate others started chiming in with their opinions, and the consensus was that I was “gay bashing”. Understand our debate wasn’t about any of the hot button topics, like politics or religion. We were debating the merits of Jon Bon Jovi for Pete’s sake!

When my friend defended my motives, and informed his protectors we had been friends for years, one woman responded, “She couldn’t possibly be a real friend to you. She’s a @&% #&@& Christian!” (And people were agreeing with her!)

To which I responded with a well thought out, “HUH?!”

The collective opinion, of these well-meaning folks, seems to be that, because of my faith, I’m not allowed to tell anyone, who’s gay, they are wrong about anything.

My question is, can I keep my friend if we never have an honest conversation?

It’s a sad world we live in.