Q. Want to make God laugh?

A. Tell Him your plans.

Why did I let things get so bad before questioning the situation? I’m in ministry, for Pete’s sake, and know how things are suppose to work!

It’s so easy to stray from those things I should be doing, and become a disobedient child of God. So when things go from bad to worse, it’s time to ask myself a few questions.

Am I:

Reading the Bible daily?
I do still read my Bible every morning, but it’s become such a habit, it probably doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Praying, at least, daily?
Honestly, I spend a lot of time talking at God instead of to Him, loads of room for improvement there.

Doing my part to spread the gospel?
I really should be hanging my head in shame.

Attending church faithfully?
Nope, I’m leaving them without a song leader Sunday and Wednesday nights, because I worry about the gasoline.

Again nope, I’m serving the mortgage instead of trusting Him.

Hmmm, then I sit here and whine about God not blessing me.

Okay, time for a turn around. I wrote an honest tithe check for the first time in months this morning, and I’m fixing all the other things too. God is back in His rightful place as my first priority. I’ll be obedient, and let Him deal with the consequences.

I’ll let you know how it goes.